We’re The Whole Package

Software needs of startups and companies vary significantly. To cover the full spectrum of possibilities, we offer variety of technologies and design methodologies.

We work with you to determine the best approach, develop, deliver and maintain your web, mobile and cloud based solution.


Transform Your Business Through Technology

While some business need of startups and companies can be solved with off-the-shelf solutions, others require custom built solutions. With deep experience in web, mobile, and back-end platforms, our software solutions are scalable and flexible.

Web Development

We build site that work for your business and yours customers – be it a complex solution (Software As A Service) or a marketing website.

Mobile Development

With expertise in building mobile apps, we connect your business with your clients no matter where they are and what device they use.

MVP Development

With expertise in building Minimum Viable Products for startups you are able to test your business model and reach your prospective customers in reasonable time scope.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance specialists work with your team to identify, fix, and prevent software issues that may affect your customers and your business.


Whether you have a complex idea that’s not quite fully baked or you’re embarking on a complete rebuild of your system, we’re here to understand how your business ticks and give you the best solution.

Cloud & DevOps

Future-Proof and Scale Your Infrastructure

Whether you’re new to cloud computing or already benefiting from all that the cloud has to offer, we help you to build the right infrastructure, and take a more secure, cost-effective approach to technology with the cloud.


We automate your software development processes in order to develop, test, and release faster and reliably.

Cloud Consulting

Our specialists will consult you on architecture, deployment strategies, or other cloud-related issues.


Keep Your Software Running At It’s Best

Software is never fully finished. No matter the perfection your software has been build with, bugs are inevitable as are new feature updates. Having proper post-delivery support ensures your software remains secure, maintained, and enhanced well after it launches.

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