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Peoplegogo is a crowdfunding platform for social and volunteering campaigns. It helps organisations and individuals to bring positive social change by funding their initiatives and also by finding people who want to volunteer their own time, skills and assets.


We have worked together with Peoplegogo to provide them an end-to-end solution – business planning, project management and development.




This is a mobile application whose development is still in progress. Its idea is quite simple –  “Tinder for events around you”. Each day the app suggests events around you based on your personal preferences. If you swipe right you save the event into your list of events which you can view and visit later.


Technologies: ReactNative.


FrameworkJet is a web application framework created by DeepSource to cover the following requirements:


  • Low response time.
  • To work as light as possible, without additional heavy libraries and dependencies.
  • Server-side rendering of the content.
  • Client-side rendering of the content via communication with an API.
  • Multilingual templating.


Because we want to contribute to the knowledge people share, we decided to make FrameworkJet open source and accessible by anyone who wants to benefit from its advantages.




PageJet is an opensource application which can be used to build websites on the top of “Github pages” service (for more information check: pages.github.com). It covers the following goals:


  • Easy way to build a website on “Github pages”.
  • To work as light as possible, without additional heavy libraries and dependencies.




StartupStage is a web based application (SaaS) for startups and entrepreneurs supporting early stage startups to improve their business concept and prepare for business accelerators.



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