About Us

DeepSource is an outsourcing company specialised in developing Mobile and Web applications & project management


Clients hire us because we connect experience with motivation. We plan, sketch, design, build, deploy, measure and grow all for the sake of good products and satisfied clients.


We strive for all developers and specialists in the company not just to develop software products but also to build personal qualities helping them to work in collaboration with other team members and also to boost their motivation by rewarding team members when they put extra effort. In this way we want each team member to understand that the more they give to the company, the more they will get from our common work – in contrast to the classic corporate culture where the more you give the same you get.


Our mission is together to work with good developers and to provide an environment with interesting projects giving them professional growth and financial stability by outsourcing their work and knowledge to companies which need quality products developed and released in time.

How We Do It

Scope your project

Once you choose DeepSource as your tech partner we will use our experience to pinpoint what your product really needs.

You get great developers

As soon as we agree on working together we will assign you a team of developers.

Strategic planning and development

In the world of software development real value is added through planning, choosing a reliable architecture, finding scalable solutions and prioritizing product features and development stages.


We follow best practices such as Lean and Agile methodologies. This allows for planning software development focused on delivering the most important features first. We can also adapt to the practises adopted by your company to ensure smooth work between you and us as your tech partner.


During our work we focus on:

  • We document what we developed.
  • Clear communication. You will be updated on the progress of our work.
  • Well developed products.


Pavel Tashev



Pavel’s professional experience spans over 12 years in web and digital. He’s successfully managed and worked on projects for NowayMedia, Mailjet, GuardNet, ManxTents, QRL, Schoodle, Peoplegogo and StartupStage as well as some lesser known but equally as amazing international and local brands and businesses.


Pavel has a wide range of skills including Web build, project management and business development.


A small note, he has a specialisation in “Quantum Electronic and Laser Technologies”. The topic of his master thesis is “Quantum Entanglement” which is a great foundation for understanding the upcoming trend of Quantum Computers and Quantum Programming.


He graduated electronics in 2003 and he has the knowledge to work in the field of IoT (Internet of Things). He knows a lot basically!

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