We, at DeepSource, develop web, mobile and cloud based solutions for your product to reach your customers

Customers – partners as we like to think of them – hire us because we strive to apply clear and quick communication, to develop and deliver products in the required time scope.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support our partners – startups and mid-sized companies – to develop and deliver products to their customers.

Our vision is that the key to any successful project is partnership and cooperation. This is why we apply the following approach – “The three Q’s”.


Quick onboarding

More often than not, our partners have a business idea in mind or a product feature they’d like to deliver to their customers. With that in mind partners rely on partnering with a software provider that can understand their needs and setup a team quickly fitting in the estimated budget.


Quick and clear communication

Market nowadays changes drastically faster compared to a hundred years ago. Quick communication is a must for our partners to be able to adapt to the market changes and deliver new features to their customers as quickly as possible. Clear communication ensures that we and our partners are on the same page preventing undesirable delays and issues caused by miscommunication.


Quality development

We rely on the following milestones. Good engineers ensuring the quality of the code. Simple team setup ensuring smooth workflow avoiding over-complications. Team meetings and planning. Well written documentation guaranteeing smooth development in the future.


We use our knowledge to support startups by developing MVPs and products helping them to enter the market. Not only this but we also work side by side with our partner StartupStage (www.startupstage.org) to support founders of startups to polish their business and find solutions of business cases.

How We Do It


The first step is to organise a meeting or an online call. The thing we’re most interested in is to understand your product and needs.

Strategic Planning

In the world of software development the real value is added through planning, choosing a reliable architecture, finding scalable solutions and prioritizing product features and development stages.

Form a team

As soon as we agree on working together we will assign you a team of software engineers. We’ll define clear procedures of our work.

Development and Maintenance

We follow best practices such as Lean and Agile methodologies. This allows for planning software development focused on delivering the most important features first. We can also adapt to the practises adopted by your company to ensure smooth work between you and us as your tech partner.


During our work we focus on:

  • Team meetings and planning.
  • We document what we developed.
  • Clear communication. You will be updated on the progress of our work.


Pavel Tashev


LinkedIn | paveltashev.com


Pavel’s professional experience spans over 12 years in web and digital. He’s successfully managed and worked on projects for NowayMedia, Mailjet, GuardNet, ManxTents, QRL, Schoodle, Peoplegogo and StartupStage as well as some lesser known but equally as amazing international and local brands and businesses.


Pavel has a wide range of skills including web build, project management and business development.


  • More than 12 years expert-level software engineer
  • More than 4 years experience in the fast-moving world of startups
  • Ex-cofounder of 4 startups
  • Delivered solutions for Mailjet in Paris, France


A short note, he has a specialisation in “Quantum Electronic and Laser Technologies” and a master thesis titled “Quantum Entanglement”. A great foundation for understanding the upcoming trends of Quantum Computing and Quantum Programming.

Let’s Work Together

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