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The Beliefs We Share

Trust and Transparency

We believe that trust is the fundament of all human relations, including the relation between clients and developers. The only way we can build productive relations sustainable in time is by being transparent. That’s why we focus on transparency with our intentions, communications, and work.



It doesn’t matter who is the boss or the developer. We believe that the difference between people is only in what they know and what knowledge they are willing to share with others. This is why we value collaboration between people without measuring who is more then who. Only in that way we can build a place where people will grow together and they will like it and support it.


Responsibility for us is when we pay attention on our obligations and we finish tasks as we have promised to do. This is the way we show respect toward ourselves and others.


Why Join Us


Choose your project

If you don’t feel ok with the project you work on you can choose another one. Of course, if you decide to change the project you will have to make sure that we would ease the transition while another member continues your work.


Management support

DeepSource’s product manager will take care of the business side of the project so you can concentrate on what you are good at.


Cooperation rather than competition

At DeepSource, we strive for cooperation rather than competition, as we firmly believe that this is the key to a team success.


Rewards and ownership

When you put efforts in the work you do, you will be rewarded with bonuses. Additional bonuses will be given if you bring a client to the company.


Remote Work

For the team members who have experience at DeepSource they will have the benefit to work from home but they have to visit the office from time to time to ensure that they participate in the required meetings and also to ensure that they know their colleagues in person.


Flexible working hours

For the team members who have experience at DeepSource they will have the benefit to choose how much they work. The minimum required hours per week is 20 hours.


Here are some of the technologies we use


Monthly income is based on your experience level. The additional rewards you may receive are not included below.


No experience required.


You are expected to have theoretical understanding of the technologies you use. You need to be proactive in taking tasks and willing to gain more experience.

up to


1200 BGN


net monthly income for

160 hours on clients projects


Minimum of 2 years software dev experience.


You need to feel confident in your ability to troubleshoot and solve problems. You also need to be proactive in taking tasks.

up to


3800 BGN


net monthly income for

160 hours on clients projects


Minimum of 4 years software dev experience.


You need to apply best practises and strive to optimize and improve your work. You need to see the big picture of the problem you solve.

up to


5300 BGN


net monthly income for

160 hours on clients projects


Minimum of 7 years software dev experience.


You are expected to be the primary source of knowledge within the team. You should have a vast body of expertise, as well as experience in your work.

up to


6500 BGN


net monthly income for

160 hours on clients projects

Current Work Opportunities

At the moment we are searching for people based in Bulgaria.

1. Java Developer

2. UI Developer


What makes you different from any outsourcing company?

We can’t stand say firmly that we are different from everyone, because the market is changing constantly and new companies appear every day, but we can speak about the things which we do in order to make our company great.


There won’t be a heavy corporate structure with hundreds of levels of hierarchy above you. We rather rely on cooperation and growing together. You will be provided the time to expand your knowledge by learning how to use new technologies.


Each team member will be rewarded if they extra put effort to the work they do. In contrast to the classic corporate companies where the more you give the same you get, we strive for rewarding ourselves with bonuses and benefits.


For the team members with experience within DeepSource they won’t be bound to a desk in an office and they will have the choice to choose the place they work from. They can also choose the amount of time to work and the project they work on.

Do I have to work in an office?

We provide an office space which you can use, but if you have experience with DeepSource you have the option to work from home as well. The only requirement we have is to come to the office at least once a week because we believe that by knowing people you work with, the collaboration between them is much easier.

What if I decide to stop working on a project?

You are not bound to a specific project. Of course, if you decide to change the project you will have to make everything possible to ease the transition while another member continues your work.

Can I work on my startup/company?

Yes, you can as long as this does not influence your work at DeepSource and is not in conflict with our core values and contract terms and conditions.

Do I have to sign a confidential disclosure agreements?

We all take the work of our clients and the assurance of long-term relations very seriously. This is why protecting their data, know-how, patents and so on is important for us. Each member of the company has the obligation not to use sensitive data, know-how and information they have access to for another activities outside the company, as well as to comply with our core company values and his/her contract terms and conditions.

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