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la visio (IoT)

DeepSource is an outsourcing company focused mainly on development of mobile and web applications but the way we see our future is much wider. We would like to work on things valuable for others being that customers and people in general. This is why we focus our efforts in developing our own in-house products which might be of help to others and society.


La visio is an in-house Startup we work on dedicated to give the ability of people with impaired vision to “see” via other senses they have – the sound they hear.


We work on  the development of a device using audio technology to create a 3D sound image of the surrounding area. The video below will give you better understanding of how it works.



The development includes:

  • Hardware device
  • Software written in C++


The visioner behind the idea is the co-founder of DeepSource – Pavel Tashev.


You can check our website for further updates.


By working with us you support this project.

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